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Tyler Gardenia
$3.98 - $22.98

Pure white gardenia captures the innocence of springtime! You'll reminisce about every wedding you'v…

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Ty Flip Sterling

Sterling is the glistening flip sequin leopard that dazzles with her unique pattern. Her sparkle and…

TY Flip Clip Zoey

From the Ty Flippables collection. Flippy Color Changing Sequin Plush stuffed animal collectible key…

TY Flip Dangler

Dear Dangler has it pretty rough. He's traded in his dark brown fluff. But wait and never fear, Dang…

TY Flip Malibu

Malibu, the pink and black cat, knows just where the fashion's at! Sparkling and glittering, this se…

TY Flip Stompy

Stompy the dinosaur doesn't mean to step so hard. She's just so big, she can't help it! This vibrant…

Ty Flip Cosmo

Cosmo is a unicorn covered in a check pattern of reversible sequins. She has large, glittery rainbow…

TY Flip Topper

Topper is quite the dazzling patterned owl. The cousin of Checks, he shines like ice with his blue p…

TY Flip Raindrop

I'm a cute little bunny with big pink glittery eyes. Pick me up and hold me and you will be surprise…

Ty Flip TT Dotty

Dotty likes to stand out in a crowd with her multicolored spots and with color changing sequins, now…

Ty Flip Fantasia

I’m Fantasia a mythical creature, I come to you with a special feature. I’m a regal unicorn with gol…

Ty Flip Bamboo

I sparkle blue and then bright white, and part of me is black as night. I have sparkly eyes and ears…